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Asbury Park NJ Criminal Lawyers

Monmouth County NJ criminal lawyers, Schwartz and Posnock, have successfully defended virtually every municipal court offense for over 31 years. The charges we routinely handle in Asbury Park Municipal Court include every type of disorderly persons offenses including shoplifting, disorderly conduct, harassment, obstruction, domestic violence, simple assault, drug possession, marijuana possession, underage drinking, and every type of traffic matter including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), driving while suspended, speeding, reckless driving, careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident; and failure to report an accident.

They are certainly familiar with appearing in Asbury Park Municipal Court as well as other Municipal Courts in the area.

Asbury Park NJ Municipal Court

The Asbury Municipal Court offers a choice in choosing ways to handle complaints. They have mediation sessions which can be either voluntary or ordered by the Judge. In this form, a neutral mediator sits down with both parties and works out a plan to resolve the issues that brought them there. Second, they have formal complaints that can be filed with the Court and after court hours you may proceed to the Police Department to file these complaints.  These are citizen vs citizen.
There are many conveniences this Municipal Court offers which you will find here:  Asbury Park Municipal Court

You can contact the Court via:
Phone: (732) 775-1765 or (732) 775-1769

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